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1/16" Overhang, 3 Flute Carbide Tipped

Creates bevel edges on cabinets and furniture. Assembly includes ball bearing, arbor and replaceable cutters.

Always refer to the operation manual of your router first, in the event that a router bit doesn't come with a speed chart, you may start at about 2,000 rpm slower than the maximum speed described in the chart below. Maximum speed below is for reference only, actual best performance speed varies depending on  a number of factors i.e. size of the router bit, the material to be cut, etc.

Run 24,000 rpm maximum for 1" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 20,000 rpm maximum for 1-1/2" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 18,000 rpm maximum for 2" overall diameter; 
Run 16,000 rpm maximum for 2-1/2" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 12,000 rpm maximum for 3" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 10,000 rpm maximum for 3-1/2" overall diameter router bits; 

This carbide tipped bit is specifically designed and manufactured for the high quality precision required by woodworking industrial applications. The cutting edges of this router bit are made from high industrial grade carbide tips brazed onto a heat-treated high-carbon steel body thus leading to exceptional hardness and rigidity.

Its cutting edges are radially relieved for a strong smooth cut in addition to avoiding rubbing and burning. It is precision ground, hardened, and tempered in order to stand up to a variety of materials. It is also equipped with wide open gullets for easy disposal of wood chips.

It is suited for softwoods, hardwoods, chipboard, plywood and etc.

Note :

In order to avoid vibration and for maximum cutting quality, always choose a router bit with the shortest cutting edge and the shortest overall length available that is able to fit your project application. Excessive overall length may cause tool damage.