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Home > Magnate Router Bits & Accessories > Solid Carbide Spiral Router Bits > 3 Flute Compression MFC+ Mortise Spiral Router bit 3+3 Up-Down, 3/16" Up-Cut, Enduro Coated Solid Carbide
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3+3 Up-Down, 3/16" Up-Cut, Enduro Coated Solid Carbide

It is used when higher feed rates are required.

Always refer to the operation manual of your router first, in the event that a router bit doesn't come with a speed chart, you may start at about 2,000 rpm slower than the maximum speed described in the chart below. Maximum speed below is for reference only, actual best performance speed varies depending on  a number of factors i.e. size of the router bit, the material to be cut, etc.

Run 24,000 rpm maximum for 1" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 20,000 rpm maximum for 1-1/2" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 18,000 rpm maximum for 2" overall diameter; 
Run 16,000 rpm maximum for 2-1/2" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 12,000 rpm maximum for 3" overall diameter router bits; 
Run 10,000 rpm maximum for 3-1/2" overall diameter router bits; 

The MFC+ solid carbide bit comes with harder carbide yet than the MFC grade and  will provide longer life between tool changes.

MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) grade spiral bit is designed for difficult materials such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), particle board and products with melamine laminate; double sided laminated or veneered material. It is also suitable for wood composite that contains vinyl or glue.

EnduroCoat is an ultra thin PVD coating that offers many benefits for CNC applications. The Ultra-hard layer resists heat and abrasion, thus reducing cutting edge breakdown. Added lubricity results in better chip evacuation. Up to 4 times the life of non-coated equivalent tools and can be re-coated after service.