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Home > Bandsaw Blades > Carbide Grit Blades > Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade, 92-1/2" Long For Cutting Abrasive and Hardened Materials
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For Cutting Abrasive and Hardened Materials

Use with a wood cutting band saw, ( DO NOT use a metal-cutting bandsaw ). This gullet edge, tungsten carbide particle grit bandsaw blade is ideal for cutting applications involving materials with a cross section greater than 1/4” (6.4mm).

It cuts abrasive and hardened materials such as wire reinforced rubber, steel belted radial tires, ceramics, fiberglass, composites, hardened steel, cast iron (grey with voids), graphite, and case hardened materials.

The following bandsaw models use 92-1/2 inch ( 7 ft. 8-1/2 inch, 7' 8-1/2" ) long bandsaw blades.

Jet J-8203K; Powerline Mark 1; Shopcraft 28-283F; MIT 5125; American Industrial AMT 4113; Enco 505-1372 (models 8201, 8203, 8201VS and 8203VS), 199-9013, 199-9011, 199-9001; Dayton 3Z981; Central Machinery 32206-OCEA, 32208-OCEA, 5687-OCEA, 2146-3BMF, 00580-OCEA; Nu-Mark 14"; Wilton Tradesman 8201, 8203, 8201VS, 8203VS; Grizzly G0580X; G0555X (92-1/2" to 93-1/2"); 14" Ohio Forge; Builders Square; Delco 14"; Duracraft 14"; Buffalo 14";