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  • GLARE® products are also suitable for the following applications - Marine, Finished Furniture, Plexiglass and Lexan Repair;  Sporting Goods, CD/DVD Repair, Clear Transparent Plastic, Musical Instruments, Visors, Goggles and Glasses,  Solid Color Plastic and Fiberglass, and etc.
  • All GLARE® products are made in USA and 50 states EPA compliant for VOC's.  
  • MSDS available upon request.
  •  The Worlds Easiest to Apply and Take off Polish.
    No Powdering Up!
    AIR-GLARE® PROFESSIONAL AIRCRAFT POLISH is the most technologically advanced aircraft paint polish/sealant ever developed. This is the finest product for your airplane, jet, or helicopter. AIR-GLARE® will protect your expensive aircraft paint from UV ray discoloration, engine exhaust, air oxidation, and degradation which is caused by air molecules constantly bombarding the exterior at extremely high speeds. This product will make cleaning your aircraft a shorter, easier task. AIR-GLARE® PROFESSIONAL AIRCRAFT POLISH will reduce the Air-Drag Coefficient of the aircraft which in turn increases maximum air-speed and fuel economy. AIR-GLARE® will allow for a much easier de-icing of the aircraft as well. AIR-GLARE® has been tested and approved by BOEING® for use on PPG Aircraft Paint, and can be used on a wide variety of aircraft paints and materials. AIR-GLARE® is also excellent for polycarbonate (maintains optical clarity), glass (including instrumentation glass), Carbon Graphite (including helicopter blades), fiberglass, aircraft aluminum, and all metal alloys.
  • Approved for types of aircraft, Exceeds Boeing® Test D6-17487.