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The Worlds Easiest to Apply and Take off Polish.
No Powdering Up!

GLARE® ZERO is a revolutionary product, especially developed for the professional in mind. Whether detailing an old finish, or preparing a freshly painted surface for polishing, GLARE® ZERO is a must. After the last coat of clear-coat has cured the professional painter will color sand with fine sandpaper to level any imperfections or ripples in the surface of the paint. After finishing this color-sanding procedure they will proceed to step one of polishing and polish the paint surface with GLARE Knock-Out Compound. Polishing out the scuffs and scrapes left behind from color sanding can be very tedious and take a good amount of work and time requiring countless passes of the highspeed buffer. GLARE® ZERO was designed to be used after color sanding but before step one (GLARE® Knock-Out) to prepare the painted surface and shorten the time and work of polishing by allowing the GLARE Knockout to be more effective with less effort and with fewer passes of the high speed buffer. GLARE® Zero chemically softens the surface of the clear-coat when activated by heat from friction of the high speed buffer. The surface of the clear-coat turns into semi-fluid state allowing the scuffs and scrapes from color-sanding to blend together right before your very eyes while polishing with GLARE® Knock-Out. This chemical transformation allows the GLARE® Knockout to be twice as effective. Although the clear-coat initially becomes softer, once done polishing with GLARE® Professional Polish, the clear-coat becomes harder, smoother, more resilient and with a higher surface tension then ever before achievable. Detailers may also use GLARE® ZERO without color sanding to make polishing more effective. This is brand new paint prep technology that both the professional painter/bodyshop as well as the professional detailer will appreciate. Before step one there's ZERO.

  • GLARE® products are also suitable for the following applications - Marine, Finished Furniture, Plexiglass and Lexan Repair;  Sporting Goods, CD/DVD Repair, Clear Transparent Plastic, Musical Instruments, Visors, Goggles and Glasses,  Solid Color Plastic and Fiberglass, and etc.
  • All GLARE® products are made in USA and 50 states EPA compliant for VOC's.  
  • MSDS available upon request.