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GLARE® KNOCKOUT is a heavy cutting compound that contains our proprietary Glassplexin® formulation. Again, like all GLARE® products, this is a product that does not contain any type of carnauba wax, synthetic polymer wax, or resins. GLARE® KNOCKOUT is the most aggressive product in the GLARE® line and is designed to remove and repair the heaviest levels of oxidation and scratches in a safe and effective manner through both physical and advanced chemical means. It has been designed to be as aggressive as possible without being overly abrasive. It’s balanced. GLARE® KNOCKOUT will not only remove and reverse oxidation, but will also remove stains and repair damage like bird dropping stains and hard water spot damage. GLARE® KNOCKOUT will remove industrial fallout as well. If you have that deep scratch or scuff that you thought could never be fixed outside of repainting, prepare to get knocked out because GLARE® KNOCKOUT can fix it. This product is also great for feathering in touch up paint to blend in with the original paint. GLARE® KNOCKOUT should always be followed with an application of GLARE® MICRO-FINISH.
  • GLARE® products are also suitable for the following applications - Marine, Finished Furniture, Plexiglass and Lexan Repair;  Sporting Goods, CD/DVD Repair, Clear Transparent Plastic, Musical Instruments, Visors, Goggles and Glasses,  Solid Color Plastic and Fiberglass, and etc.
  • All GLARE® products are made in USA and 50 states EPA compliant for VOC's.  
  • MSDS available upon request.
  • GLARE® Application Instructions

    1  Knock Out
    2. Micro-Finish
    3. Spider
    4. Glare® Professional Polish

    In this order you will apply the products the same. Buffing with a thick Micro Fiber Towel hook and loop design until the product disappears. Turn over the Towel and use the other side to wipe off the excess. Use a new Micro Fiber Towel with each of the products mentioned above. After you finished using the four products as described you will then go over a second coat only with the Glare® Professional Polish. Rub in this time but not until the polish disappears. Let it dry to a haze! Do the whole vehicle without buffing the haze off. When you are finished with the vehicle at that time wait 30 min. then buff to a shine with a new Micro Fiber Towel. Do not get water on the Vehicle for 24 hours as it has to cure, and also do not ever put any other products over the Glare except a Glare® product as the Glassplexin® does not mix with Silicones, Waxes, and Polymers. Very important on this point. If you want to apply another coat of Glare you can do this without any problems to fill in new scratches. As you know when you drive any vehicle on the road the dirt from the highways will make new scratches so we suggest you put on a new coat of Glare® every other month. You will not need to go over the 4 step ever again unless your paint got keyed or vandalized etc.