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Upon request, Magnate makes blades of any length and types to fit your brand and model.
List By Bandsaw Blade Length - Food Processing List By Bandsaw Blade Length - Non-Food Processing Carbon Steel Blades - Wood or Metal Cutting
Listed below are the most popular blade lengths. There are also a number of other bandsaws that use the same blade lengths as the ones listed below. Upon requested, Magnate makes blades of any length and types to fit your brand and model. more info

A carbon steel bandsaw blade is made from high carbon steel. It can cut all types of woods, especially ideal for soft woods i.e. pine, polar, fir and spruce. It is also suitable for cutting plastics, aluminum, metals, and mild steel.

For best results, cut mild steel at  speeds under 200 fpm (feet per minute), with liquid coolant running along the back of the blade.


Woodcutting - Woodcutting bandsaws use  Carbon Tool Steel, Bimetal, Carbide impregnated or Carbide Tipped bandsaw blades.

NOTE: The owner's manual of some woodcutting bandsaw may stipulate that it can cut metal, but woodcutting bandsaws can only cut non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Cutting steel could damage your saw, due to the fact that blade speed on most woodcutting bandsaws (average 800 to 3500 fpm) is not slow enough (40 to 200 fpm) for cutting ferrous metals (i.e. steel). Trying to cut steel at woodcutting speeds will ruin the blade due to extreme heat produced.


Metalcutting - Small to large, horizontal or vertical, metalcutting bandsaws use  Carbon Tool Steel, Bimetal or Carbide Tipped bandsaw blades.

If you are sawing in a production setting, your saw is in good repair and adjusted correctly, and want the longest life blade available, then you should use Bimetal or Carbide Tipped bandsaw blades. Carbon Steel blades are generally more economical to operate, in the long run, because Bimetal or Carbide Tipped bandsaw blades can outlast carbon blades by up to 10 times if used properly. Also, they are capable of cutting harder materials, such as stainless. steel.

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Bi-Metal Blades - Wood or Metal Cutting Carbide Tipped Blades - Wood or Metal Cutting Carbon Steel Scallop Edged Blades

A bi-metal bandsaw blade is made with a cobalt high speed steel tooth edge combined with a durable, spring steel backing material. This blade cuts faster and lasts longer than carbon steel blades.

It can cut all types of woods, especially ideal for hard woods, i.e. oak, maple, walnut or cherry. It is also most commonly used for metalcutting, i.e. Carbon Steels, light alloy steels, Mold steels, Mold Steels and tool steels.

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This carbide tipped bandsaw blade is designed with precision triple chip ground teeth for smooth cuts, excellent finish. The new high performance back steel offers excellent fatigue life.

This blade will outlasts carbon steel, M42 bi-metal blades when cutting wood, especially tropical hardwoods i.e. ebony, koa or cocabolo, abrasive non-ferrous materials. It is also ideal for cutting alloy steels, tool steels, bearing steel, carbon steels, stainless steels and mold steels.

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Carbide Grit Blades Carbide Impregnated Blades Resaw Blades

A tungsten carbide particle grit bandsaw blade is ideal for cutting abrasive and hardened materials like wire reinforced rubber, steel belted radial tires, ceramics, fiberglass, cement, concrete,  composites, hardened steel, cast iron (grey with voids), graphite and case hardened materials.


To be used with Woodworking bandsaws.

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  • Hawc Pro : A high silicon content resaw blade with an aggresive set and modified gullet to increase speed, extend life, and improve the straightness of cut.  This blade improves on sawdust removal in a long or thick cut. Hawc Pro is the best all around blade for resawing up to 1/2" thick. It will last longer and cut straighter than conventional bandsaw blades due to its special design and induction hardened teeth.
  • WoodSaver (Carbide Impregnated) : During the manufacturing of this blade, The teeth are impregnated with carbide particles, making this a very durable blade which retains its sharpness even resawing the hardest and toughest woods. This blade is especially designed for resawing wood, particularly the hardwoods and other difficult to cut wood species. The narrow kerf conserves these expensive woods, giving you more yield from a block of lumber while the hard, sharp, carbide impregnated teeth maintain their sharpness and set.
  • WoodSaver Plus (Carbide Impregnated) : The 3-4 Variable Pitch WoodSaver Plus band saw blade is an improved version of WoodSaver blade. The precision ground teeth have a variable 3-4 tooth design which cuts smoother, because it reduces chatter and vibration. The blade also has the narrowest kerf (.030"). This means even less of your expensive woods being lost to sawdust. The sides of the blade are polished to provide a smoother running blade. The back of the blade is polished round to help eliminate marring of the wood. The carbide impregnated tooth technology gives the blade incredible life. Please order the exact length of saw blades you need. Prices Include welding charge.
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Three Wheeler Magnate Meat Bandsaw Blades SuperCut® Meat Bandsaw Blades
A very special blade for 2 and 3 wheel tabletop band saws. This blade is made of special material that is thinner (0.014) to withstand the sharp flexing encountered on the small wheels of these band saws. Available Lengths : From 50" through 85". more info

Quality blades for most popular meat saw-grinder combo.

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Scroll Saw Blades Band Saw Accessories
These blades are specially designed and heat treated for power power driven scroll saws. With 3 styles - Flat, Round and Pinned End - these premium quality blades provide the versatility and performance woodworkers are looking for. more info
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Magnate M104.5G12MC Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade, 104-1/2" Long - 1/2" Width; Med-Coarse Tooth; 0.025" Thickness
Magnate M104.5G12MC Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade, 104-1/2" Long - 1/2" Width; Med-Coarse Tooth; 0.025" Thickness
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Magnate M104.5G34MC Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade, 104-1/2" Long - 3/4" Width; Med-Coarse Tooth; 0.032" Thickness
Magnate M104.5G34MC Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blade, 104-1/2" Long - 3/4" Width; Med-Coarse Tooth; 0.032" Thickness
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